THE MAGNETTES - Inspirational Instagrams and Fuck-Pop

The Magnettes are a band who unapologetically throw around the world feminist. They label themselves like it’s a badge of honor (which it is, obvs) as people who refuse to take any shit when it comes to patriarchy.

I first came across the Magnettes on Instagram, where their bright and sassy page is total goals and their obvious fun and fearless spirit is truly captivating. Listening to their music made me love them 100% more. The trio describe themselves as a 21st century fuck-pop, and their loud and anarchic videos prove exactly that.

After becoming total online BFF’s, we sat down with the threesome to talk about the silver linings on the cloud that was 2016, and growing up in a mining town in Northern Sweden.

Photo by Beata Cervin

Photo by Beata Cervin

For those of us who haven't heard your music, who are The Magnettes
The Magnettes is a 21st century fuck-pop trio consisting of young and bright hardcore feminists from the mining towns of Northern Sweden. The members are Rebecka, Sanna and Tomas. Rebecka and Sanna are childhood friends and started a punk band when they were 11 years old. 

Your style is fantastic, do you focus a lot on your aesthetic in general? 
Yes! We want the aestethic - the clothes, the hair, the pictures - to stand out and be something that we ourselves feel is cool, hence the matching clothes and neon hairdos and so on, but it’s also really important that it contributes to the music, the story and so on. That everything makes sense together. We’ve been working closely with our stylist Frida Thuneström for a couple of years now and she’s the best.

What woman do you think is doing amazing things for the community right now?
A lot of young people are using new media to spread feminism, anti-racism and body positivity. We think it's the best space because young people are so influenced by what they see on social media. 
Here are a few instagram accounts to follow cuz they are awesome and give you hope ❤


What female musicians did you aspire to be growing up?
Kathleen Hanna, Bratmobile, Debbie Harry, Lady Gaga, Tina Weymouth

What album are you listening to right now?
Tomas: ”Curse All Law” by Könsförrädare
Rebecka: "Funs Cool" by The Prettiots
Sanna: ”Glasvegas” by Glasvegas

2016 was shitty, but what was your best bit?
More people waking up, mobilizing and counter-reacting to everyday sexism, racism and shit in general, proving that we’re still making tons of progress. 
Also: touring, recording our album, spending time with Tomas’s daughter.

Your lyrics are super direct and opinionated, what is your aim when you're writing about something you really care about?
We just want people to feel that they’re not alone. That being weird, loud, shy, ugly and different is really cool. We don’t really think our opinions are controversial at all. If some people think they are they're probably fascists and we’ve run out of fucks to give.

Tell us about the music scene where you grew up?
Pajala is very small, about 2000 people live there, so the music scene wasn't that broad. It mainly consisted of old men playing accordion-based folk music and rock. Around 2007 we did have this one pop band called Pajala Truck Co with female singers and we're so happy that we had that band growing up, showing us that real pop bands could come out of Pajala.

What are you hoping for in 2017?
The quick impeachment of Donald Trump and a smooth and successful album release. 

Describe your sound in 3 words. 
Colorful. Gritty. Raw.