Why Girlboss Didn't Win Me Over

Netflix’s new series “Girlboss” had me on all levels of excited. It tells a “loose” recollection of events about Sophia Amoruso, the creator and CEO of Nasty Gal. I remember seeing the trailer earlier this year and counting down the days to its release. There was finally a show about a real badass woman who lived by going against the current.

The show released and I did what I normally do when I get excited about a show. I binge-watched the hell out of it. But sadly, my emotions over the show went from excitement to extreme frustration.

I’m an opinionated woman. I support women who are trailblazers and do not take no for an answer. What I don’t support are people, regardless of gender, who don’t care about others.

Yes, she was a 3-dimensional character with flaws and by the end of the first season she had attempted to change for the better. I was mostly disappointed with the fact that I wanted to root for this show being made and look up to her, but I couldn’t.

I didn’t mind the consistent cursing and the teenage angst that followed her into her 20’s. Jesus, I welcomed it. I have those same characteristics. I know the events of the story are “loosely” based on a real person so it wanted to be honest as possible about Sophia evolving, but there were parts that were cringeworthy. Here is my take.

1. Sophia is entitled.
Starting from episode one, Sophia leisurely walks into the shoe store she works at to find her boss, Carol, frustrated that she is late. Instead of apologising, she is blatantly sarcastic toward her employer’s remarks on her tardiness. She then answers a phone call and cruises the internet while she is supposed to be doing her job. When her boss confronts her about the situation, she continues her sarcasm. Sophia even ate Carol’s damn sandwich. Carol fires her and Sophia becomes livid. Like if any of us had done what she did, we wouldn’t have been fired. Carol deserved better, ya’ll.

2. She lacked principle.
She stole a rug from a furniture store. And a book. And got her friend to impersonate her landlord. Oh, and got wasted the night before she had to deliver a wedding dress to a bride.

3. She totally used people.
Annie, Dax, Shane, and even her dad. She didn’t appreciate all the work her best friend, Annie, put into helping her run Nasty Gal and scoffed at the idea of hiring her as a legitimate employee. She was a royal asshole to Dax (Annie’s boyfriend) until she realised she needed his brain to help her set up a business plan. She used Shane (her boyfriend) as a buffer between her and her father while she was attempting to use her father as a backer to make a Nasty Gal headquarters after continuously pushing him away. This was the first time Shane met her father.

4. She sucks at caring about anyone but herself.
Even though I in no way condone Shane cheating on Sophia, we cannot ignore the fact that Sophia deserved an A+ for being a shitty girlfriend. When she visited Shane while he was working with a band as a tour manager, she wanted to be the center of Shane’s attention. Whenever the band would ask Shane for something, she threw a tantrum. Uncomfortable, irrational tantrums. She ended up saying his job was a “joke” and calling him a “glorified errand boy”. Not cool.

It is therefore logical to conclude, that although I didn’t want to root for Sophia, and I understand the point of the show depicting her as a real human, we can't let women be inconsiderate assholes under the guise of feminism . Even though I can appreciate the show’s candour, I can certainly think of other inspirational women who are more deserving of being our model #Girlboss.

By Jazmin Rivera