Book Of The Month - How To Murder Your Life

Cat Marnell’s ‘How To Murder Your Life’ is the first book I feel like I’ve properly devoured since The Girls. The memoir sees Cat recount every grotty, grotesque and gruesome detail of her life in brutal honesty, and despite what you may think of some of the content, for this she must be applauded. I mean really, if you were asked to list your biggest shortcomings in a book for the world to read, would you do it? I don’t think I could.

Despite the inevitable moorish nature of the book, there were a few aspects that grated on me. Left me with a slightly depressive feeling in my chest,  and more than anything a rather substantial desire to run Cat a hot bath and make her watch Rupaul (my bad day remedy, fyi).

Being an addict must be shit. No longer are addicts confined the back allies of Soho, but now you can go out with normal people who have normal jobs and normal families, and still want to get fucked up too. Yay! No longer are they alone and ostracised, they’re applauded and told they’re great fun on a night out. Always up for one more. Cat’s memoir opens the door to what always being the last one standing really means. 

Another aspect of ‘How To Murder Your Life’ that is more than worth talking are the sexual assaults and rape that occur throughout her life. Cat includes these stories with the accuracy and attention I assume they happened to her in, and they’re given a space proportional to how large the events feel to her in the grand scheme of things. I truly believe that this is incredibly important for many reasons. Cat’s accounts of rape are not the type of stories the media like to feed on. They’re not stories of an innocent ‘adequately dressed' young woman walking down the street attacked by a complete stranger. They’re stories that a vast number of women will relate to. Stories that included a woman who was intoxicated (with god knows what) and being taken advantage of by someone she thought was a friend. Sometimes, someone she had had sex with before. 

Cat also manages to bring a strange sense of humour to this overall depressing tale. She’s a fantastic writer, and even though she isn’t clean at the end, I am so willing with all my heart for her to get better.

Here are some other things I learnt from Cat’s book; 

  1. Nev from Catfish is a dick. Like really, the girl has a problem, try and help?!
  2. The Fat Jew comes from such a weird and wacky group of friends, that I now kind of understand that his excessive drug uses must have addled his brain into thinking his memes are funny. 
  3. The American health care system is SHIT.
  4. Boarding school is exactly how I imagined it.